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This also happened today:

  • 10:01 A man leant against the wall of his house, on the phone, body rigid with amused embarassment, accidentally locked myself out, can you...?
  • 10:05 Two boys on their way out for today, one suddenly turns and (with panache) bowls a tennis ball down the passage between the houses, howzat!
  • 11:27 Yesterday we were (mostly avoiding) sharing conference space with a dental conference. There were bowls of sweets on all the trade stands.
  • 18:21 Watching the winter lights lantern procession go by from hotel chocolat. Look! Say the children waving the lanterns, Hotel chcoclat!
  • 18:29 Modern art oxford's yard is smaller than I expected, but has winter pimms, world music, and a man with a hacksaw taping together pan pipes.
  • 18:50 Just walked past a wildly grinning camboy, camera strapped to his forehead like a cyclopean eye (or a cyclist with unusual head furniture).