Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

the lost twitters of sunday

# Have just put up christmas tree. Found a tiny dead woodlouse under it. Woodlouse baby jesus, dead of the kitten sins. 11:46 PM Dec 6th from web

# Have neither planted trees nor put up christmas tree. So much for tree dressing day. Now back to puttying that window. 10:19 PM Dec 6th from web

# @j4 still out choresing at the mo, but should be good for later this pm, I'll be out back doing things to windows though so call from door. 12:20 PM Dec 6th from mobile web

# @j4 Got you a couple of native twigs from a basket of free native treelets left over from tree o'clock yesterday. Rowan and hazel, I think. 11:41 AM Dec 6th from txt
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