Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

fragments from advent

I am the reluctant commuter. On the towpath, a man is shaking a carrier bag at the geese. He engages me with the easy patter of the practiced professional, wishes me happy hannukah, and coaxes me into helping him feed cake and corned beef and mustard sandwiches to geese, ducks, seagulls (but no swans this morning). His name is Ishmael. After the leftovers from his weekend with the kids have gone to the birds, we head into town, talk and walk with the practised speed of people who spend their lives walking to work. It makes me feel poor, sometimes, poor pedestrian wearing out her knees and face on the road and rain. He shares an eventful life; I navigate his politics. The perpetual patter of the professional peacemakers. At Folly Bridge he's off to see someone as part of his pastoral work; I'm off to the council offices to test my will against the redtape maze.

Having forgotten to get an advent calendar (I fancied one from Hotel Chocolat, but came to my senses) this chrismas rave compilation with 25 tracks turned up at just the right moment. So, I had this idea of doing little javascript advent calendar that would play the appropriate mp3 when you opened the window, and downloaded a calendar blank and made up a photocollage and then... oh it would have been fiddly, and I wouldn't have been able to put it up anywhere, anyway and... anyway, Sunday 13th on the imaginary advent calendar of christmas rave is Ramin & Silver's Amazing Grace [Vocal Trance Mix], if anyone fancies a little DIY calendar opening.

Which brings me to, and its tragic unusability. I was having problems with it freezing my browser and hanging, and went to the FAQ (like you do) where it told me that Adblock Plus was known to cause issues with the site. Fair enough, thought I, and turned it off; and it did fix that particular problem. However, the site's now full of adverts, which means that I have problems with it freezing my browser and hanging. Oh well. Enter -- its social aspect is nub-like and it looks like its been built out of hope and string, however it takes care of its key business -- playing and downloading music -- with nonchalent ease. That'll do.

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