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I'm going to sleep for the winter now

They're taking away the i-book. I weep, I gnash, I wail. I take it home for the weekend for its last little spin/edit/burn.

Also, though I'll be in Canada (getting bored of me saying that yet?) you can hear Linus at the Zodiac on the soundtrack of my film Goosebumps on 29th Sep at 7pm, films from 7.30-11. It's a full night of mixed docu/drama/experimental shorts, and I'm cross that I'm missing it. Will one of my friends go so I Know what it was like, pretty please?

Not many people visit my sites and those that do are probably disappointed, given what they come looking for:

"phrase and dead as and four o'clock"

"what is the meaning of overpopulation and underpopulation"

"metallic wine bottle"

"words of hope from the bible"

"buy plastic owl"

though I suppose I should rejoice for the two people who came searching for "three little ducks".

Damn it, I need a plan. I'm just flailing here. Keeping paranoid-busy, as if I'm worried that if I stop for a moment I'll fall. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, hopeless.


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19th Sep, 2002 10:58 (UTC)
Your sites are great! I just read: "Computers are the gardens of our age: cables are their roots." and felt a sense of peace and joy that I'm sure will last right up until I next have to delve into the insane muddle that lurks under my desk. :-)
20th Sep, 2002 00:42 (UTC)
Your sites ARE cool...
...and no doubt frequented by many connoisseurs.
Hope you enjoy the Canada trip, and if you run into the unfeasably delectable actor Michael McManus, do feel free to give him a big wet smooch for me! ;oD
20th Sep, 2002 01:38 (UTC)
I think someone searching for "buy plastic owl" would have enjoyed your site :) I'll go to the Zodiac for you if you like - I may even manage to take photies with the digicam...
20th Sep, 2002 02:11 (UTC)
Ooooh oooh please!
I'll give you a poster for it on Tuesday.
20th Sep, 2002 04:15 (UTC)
Montgolfiers, unless...
I'm in London for the Montgolfiers discussion group, but if I get back in time and am not totally shattered I shall pop along to the Zodiac and see you there...
20th Sep, 2002 07:04 (UTC)
I am the winner, I am the queen!
I get to keep the i-book :)
20th Sep, 2002 18:10 (UTC)
Re: I am the winner, I am the queen!
*sigh* I so want a laptop of my vewwy own.

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