Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

oh flipping heck

Tim just phoned to say he's spent the last hour trying to get out of Amersham. Sleet here, snow there, the Ridgeway lies between. I really didn't know what to say; I've done the commute precisely once. Nothing's actually closed between there and here, looking at the traffic information, but there's lots of snow, ice and accidents. Find a pub or find a hotel and stay there, maybe? I suppose his car wasn't actually stuck or he would have phoned the RAC and not me. I suppose. His phone cut out abruptly and is now going straight to voicemail. I didn't even get the location.

... tries again ...

OK, the entire traffic queue is making similar calls and the cell is winking on and off. Well, he has a working phone and he made it up Gore Hill, and there's lots of people in the same pickle. I'd better put a stew on.
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