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happy christmas and the review of the year

Happy christmas, I hope it was good, mine was. Having watched Charlie Brooker's screenwipe review of the year last night, astonished as ever by his bottomless well of irk, it now seems the right moment to have a poke around my year.

I also watched Pirates of the Carribean at World's End last night. I'd forgotten how astonishingly incoherent it is. The BBC, perhaps as commentary on said incoherence, are showing Pirates 2 on new years day... anyway it's just an excuse to drink pirate's punch, really...

the year of things and stuff

January: New neice arrived! Moved in with Tim. Threw away masses of toys. Slipped on the ice and broke my wrist hard. Missed weeks at work, a pile of comics events and things but NOT j4 and addedentry's wedding. Artwork: Au reviour les petit animaux.

February: Spent most of the month on the couch trying to mend my wrist by sheer force of will. I sleep very badly and dream about taking morphine. In half term I visited neice, and we look around lots of terrible wrecked houses. Artwork: 1,3,5am.

March: We sell the flat. We buy one of the wrecked houses. I get a major bee in my bonnet about EHC (emergency hormonal contraception) and book myself onto an (unrelated) work-related course. I get my knickers in a twist over twitter, and we got a Cease and Desist from MENSA. The cast comes off! Artwork: Chocolate Henge, which suffered a brief stutter of internet fame this month.

April: J G Ballard dies, but my apocalyptic dreams continue unabated. I start shopping for my wedding dress and go to Primark for the first time. I get heavily into and mortgages and doing my wrist exercises. I go to Bristol and visit the comics convention where the order of the day is divorce, disaster, and the untoppable rise of the alt/small press. Artwork: Cheesy dinosaur biscuits.

May: I obtain my first convergence device, a Nokia N63. We wrestle a completion date into submission (or so we think!). The legal wrangle with the lawyers-who-claim-to-represent-MENSA is settled and we are declared officially de minimus (too small to bother with), and we did a city festival called Dot to Dot. Artwork: March 30th (I am now routinely posting all weekly strips up very very late).

June: We eventually manage to move into the new place, to a background of sheer stressy terror. It all nearly collapses twice. But we move in, and I set to work cleaning up the dog dirt. We meet Indie Andy the Builder who makes us a very important wall. Storms. A lightning Ofsted inspection at work. Madness. Artwork: Jeremy decides how to vote.

July: I try to go to Pride Illustrated, and end up nearly dying on a four hour coach journey in a bus with no air conditioning on the hottest day of the year. We empty our storage unit and it all fits into the house. I have a truly awesome hen night, wih dinosaurs and high tea. Artwork: Me on Anthony's Plinth (I failed to get selected when the idea became reality later this year).

August: Wedding. Prague. Bathroom. Kitten. Snowdon. Awesome. Also, we make our first attack on the damp: a french drain. Artwork: The very secret diary of a very important kitten, aged 8 weeks and 6 days.

September: We take down the shed and shift comics pub meets to the Rusty Bicycle. I take apart my old office, drain the printers, and move to open plan offices. With food of awesome, jinty and tortipede get not-married. We get a plumber to sort out the dripping things. Artwork: In the jungle...

October: I break the last of the concrete in the back garden. Audioscope, beer festivals and owltober. After a pubquiz fiasco at the Rusty Bicycle we come to rest at The Magdalen Arms, which proceeds to be amazing. We finish the living room with a final trip to Ikea. I buy a suit. glittertigger and zandev get married and I unwisely dance. Ouch! Artwork: On ambitions.

November: The cats get eye infections. We spend the last of the wedding vouchers. I watch old heroes Eddie Campbell and Michael Clarke. I do a safeguarding course and something goes wrong with my knee. The post office in Oxford gets automatic tellers, thus revolutionising my gift sending experience. A lot of stuff, some quite bad, happens at work. Artwork: Eddie Campbell at Comica.

December: The slow collapse continues at work. I become used to open plan working. Christmas plans coalesce. We get insulated, and it's great. The fight against damp continues, as does the problem with the knees. Cats still fighting. Tim gets caught in epic snow. I stop using Artwork: Compressions

Overall verdict: interesting times!

--- and here's a kitten, for those not bored enough to go under the cut:

oh hai I is ur prsnt

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