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harry harrison could have told you that

I've just been googling "Primeval Drinking Game" and "Jonathan Meades drinkng game". No luck, just some people being sarcastic about Hannah Spearritt's pants and opinionated bloggers skipping lightly between Meades and binge drinking -- Off Kilter at work, I suspect. Ah well, I'll just have to watch the christmas box sets and make them up myself then. I'm feeling the need for another eating-and-drinking party, perhaps Primeval will provide.

Oh, and I went to see Avatar -- quite an eye opener, especially in 3D. I hear some people have been finding it hard to empathise with the big blue sexy cat people, perhaps comparing them to the vastly cheaper but somehow more intensely engaging prawns from District 9. Well yes, but all you've really got to empathise with is the planet, as it's clearly a Deathworld. Sorry, it's not a planet. It's a low gravity moon orbiting a gas giant. And that huge chasm full of floating rocks? My guess is that's the remnants of the previous invaders, their antigrav drive still sputtering away after thousands of years. I see the faint marks of someone thinking it through, under the layers of glitter, render, flying debris and mood lighting.

Shame it's not going to be a trilogy. No, scratch that. Shame it won't be the trilogy I'd like to see which would be (working titles, obviously) Revenge of the Earth Men and Green Hell Planet Unleashed. It might well become a trilogy, but it'd probably just be a rehash of the noble savage/Gaia theory nonsense the humans kept using to describe the ticks/gardeners/interface species. Not sure why they did, really. If it's real, you can just say what's happening.


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31st Dec, 2009 09:29 (UTC)
That would be the L1 point, but regrettably it isn't stable. Rocks would either fall onto the gas giant or the moon.

31st Dec, 2009 10:18 (UTC)
I have now googled this and while there is an official explanation, it is clearly nonsense.
31st Dec, 2009 16:54 (UTC)
Flying rocks and dragons - it's a Rodney Matthews/Roger Dean calendar. I thought Deathworld too. Basically by someone who read too much 1970s SF/Fantasy and put all the imagery in one film. All the music also sounded irritatingly like Titanic. I thought a Yes soundtrack would have been much more appropriate. A great fun film as long as you left your brain outside (I switched mine off after 5 minutes and then it was excellent).
31st Dec, 2009 20:10 (UTC)
The visual stimulation was so intense I remember very little about the music. Or the plot. Probably for the best...

But yes, I was intensely reminded of (I think) Deathworld 2, which I last read when I was in my early teens. Co-incidentally about the time I was doodling sexy cat-people in the back of my exercise books....
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