Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

happy new year you can see, mine started very well, on a vast Ikea sofa, with champagne and plastic dinosaurs and silver shoes (although I'm not wearing them in this shot). Well, if you ignore the little issue with the computer, that is. It froze and failed to start on me on NYE and I left it running back-ups as I headed out into party city, and I'm still running diagnostics and back-ups as we speak (came back to find it had frozen again) -- and using Internet Explorer, as Firefox has been on for all the freezes I'm aware of. Bah, humbug, etc. Does anyone use Chrome? Is it any good?

Anyone in Oxford who likes chocolate and hasn't visited Hotel Chocolat's post-xmas sale yet, you should go. There's something called a champagne sparkle in the xmas mix which is very special.

Happy New Year!

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