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happy new year

...as you can see, mine started very well, on a vast Ikea sofa, with champagne and plastic dinosaurs and silver shoes (although I'm not wearing them in this shot). Well, if you ignore the little issue with the computer, that is. It froze and failed to start on me on NYE and I left it running back-ups as I headed out into party city, and I'm still running diagnostics and back-ups as we speak (came back to find it had frozen again) -- and using Internet Explorer, as Firefox has been on for all the freezes I'm aware of. Bah, humbug, etc. Does anyone use Chrome? Is it any good?

Anyone in Oxford who likes chocolate and hasn't visited Hotel Chocolat's post-xmas sale yet, you should go. There's something called a champagne sparkle in the xmas mix which is very special.

Happy New Year!


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1st Jan, 2010 11:34 (UTC)
> Does anyone use Chrome? Is it any good?

It sounds like a solution looking for a problem. No I don't use Chrome. I don't think there was a linux version for some time.
1st Jan, 2010 11:43 (UTC)
Hm. I have an uncomplicated set-up here, but I do find myself unconvinced that more browsers will reduce the incidence of browser-related crashes.
1st Jan, 2010 14:32 (UTC)
I have multiple browsers because it is easier to separate different identities/topics.
1st Jan, 2010 12:45 (UTC)
Chrome seems kind of ok. It loads up quickly and hasn't caused me any problems yet.
1st Jan, 2010 21:48 (UTC)
hmmm, might give it a go
1st Jan, 2010 22:22 (UTC)
try iron - a freeware recompiled chrome without the googley bits:
1st Jan, 2010 16:32 (UTC)
Your hair is a fabulous colour! Happy new year.
1st Jan, 2010 21:48 (UTC)
blue is beautiful
It's my first blue hair in the open plan office...
1st Jan, 2010 20:29 (UTC)
Frozen as in mouse-not-moving, or not?
1st Jan, 2010 21:46 (UTC)
well, it's a track pad actually (or a graphics tablet)
But yes, complete freeze, mouse included.
1st Jan, 2010 21:52 (UTC)
Re: well, it's a track pad actually (or a graphics tablet)
Does it coincide with the use of any particular bit of software?
.... what antivirus has it got on...?
1st Jan, 2010 22:18 (UTC)
Nothing consistent. It's gone down three-four times only, so possibly I just don't have enough data yet, or possibly it's been a few different things and I've been unlucky.

I was all up for fingering the AVG (my antivirus) updates (possibly in combination with Firefox and Windows both updating) but they went off today without a hitch -- and when it froze late yesterday nothing was running except my back-ups, and that was just copying files.

But possibly there hadn't been sufficient recovery from the original crash, I did some repair work when I woke it up this morning.
2nd Jan, 2010 11:10 (UTC)
AVG froze up our (ancient) computer something rotten. It ran increeediiblly slowly, took an age to power up and crashed regularly, especially if you tried to use something like Adobe. I disabled some of the AVG 'features' (link verification if I remember rightly), and did a lot of recovering the registry to earlier dates and that was a massive improvement. Ultimately though getting a new computer (happy wedding to us!)fixed it. Oh, the joy of a new computer: you press buttons and things work!

Happy New Thing
2nd Jan, 2010 11:11 (UTC)
Bugger, that was me.
1st Jan, 2010 23:03 (UTC)
I use Chrome
I use Chrome at work when browsing the web, so I can reserve Mozilla Firefox for debugging the site I am working on, and IE for intranet application that require IE. I think Chrome is nice. I am also experimenting with using Chrome on my iMac at home, to see whether it can run faster than Safari.
3rd Jan, 2010 16:08 (UTC)
Are those American Tan tights or what? Very shiny, very opaque - but if they are American Tan, also very unexpected!
3rd Jan, 2010 17:29 (UTC)
the colour is "nude"
They're vintage Pretty Polly nylons. I shall miss them terribly when they're gone.
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