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my own private resolution list

I made an absolute mass of resolutions last year and kept quite a lot of them, including serveral from the previous year. There were fails, however; eating out more and eating more (should have been less), sending more letters to friends and family (I sent a lot of wedding invites, but feel they don't count), wearing ear-plugs to gigs, and so on. I also signed off by saying, "I've really outsourced resolution to 43 things, anyway. I'm sure New Year's resolutions will be in as a feature for next year -- doubtless with slightly annoying functionality!"

Well, I was right about that...

1. Food: make sandwiches, budget my week, decrease caloric intake
2. Fitness: daily stretches, daily walk, identify an aerobic exercise, identify an upper body exercise
3. Self-improvement: some structured learning, some new experiences, talk back to bad emotional habits, daily esteem exercises
4. Home: Workplan for entire house completed and tangible progress made, especially in relation to damp, bedroom, front garden, rainwater goods
5. Money: Budgeting, saving and some form of increase in earning
6. Friends and Family: Map my social network and establish reliable communication lines
7. Indulgence: Create a personal pleasure map, enjoy free fun, do a small number of incredibly indulgent things

But, as ever, these are the resolutions that really matter:

In 2009, cleanskies resolves to...
Learn to play the ink.
Go cycling three times a week.
Go to the cartoons every month.
Become a better wine.
Apply for a new paper.
Spend less time on advice.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions: