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moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 09:30 On the London bus to try for Seizure. Fields white with frost, thin pale winter sunshine, pompoms of old mans beard, skeletal black hedges.
  • 10:55 At the elephant and castle shopping centre for the first time in about 10 years. She's let herself go a bit but the loos are still nice.
  • 11:37 Just out of bright blue wonderland seizure. In the queue a child panics. His imaginary friend orlando! they chase him up concrete stairs.
  • 12:48 At the statue of the unknown artist we are confused by the whir-whir-whir of servos until he starts to move, jerkily, dances with cranes.

inside it was blue roof landscape it was cold in there different blues

Seizure Flickr set.


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3rd Jan, 2010 12:26 (UTC)
Ooh thanks for the heads up, I think we could manage to hit this today (last day).
3rd Jan, 2010 17:31 (UTC)
We had this theory that they might let the kids trash it on the last day. Let us know if we were right!
3rd Jan, 2010 17:47 (UTC)
Our kids would have been nothing like strong enough to trash it, those crystals are really chunky (also the queue was still at least an hour long at the time we got in, so the people behind us would have been miffed if we'd started chipping bits off).

Lovely, but it took about an hour for me to regain feeling in my feet, brrrrrrr.
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