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snow day

I tried the frost underfoot today and decided it was worth trying the towpath on the way into work. By way of reward I didn't fall into the river, but I did see:

Magpies and magpies and magpies.
A mixed flock of Blue Tits and Great Tits.
Two winter flocks of Long Tailed Tits.
A cheeky Redwing.
A pair of sparrows foraging in a leaf-choked gutter.
That thrush again, ducking into the ivy.
An explosion of woodpigeons as I passed six foraging too close to the path.
Assorted gulls, mallard, geese, blackbirds, coot and a swan.

After that I wasn't expecting the walk home to stand out, but I was wrong. It was both brought forward a little and made enormously more exciting by the presence of snow!


Falling snow fills the negative space of the urban environment, making what is usually air a mass of exciting whirling particles, suddenly visible in all its glorious three-dimensionality. This usually invisible and ignored space is suddenly given turbulent life and I see now that it is full of current and eddies, gusts and breezes, particles around which ice can form and fall. The disturbances to the flow caused by vehicles, trees, buildings is suddenly revealed, and as if someone had dropped dye into a wind-tunnel, the air becomes suddenly visible, tangible and real.


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5th Jan, 2010 19:51 (UTC)
I made it safely to Stoke, in spite of a distinctly hairy point of driving through blizzard and thick snow on the motorway - gah!

Mind you, looking out of the window here I dunno if I'm going to end up snowed in!
5th Jan, 2010 20:02 (UTC)
Relieved you got to Stoke -- you were driving up into it, and it all came down a bit earlier than expected. It's heavy here now, I don't think we'll be going anywhere tomorrow.
5th Jan, 2010 20:21 (UTC)
Good haul
I was distracted at work yesterday by occasional flurries of fieldfares outside the office window. And today by snow such as you have to look forward to tomorrow. Enjoy!
6th Jan, 2010 00:21 (UTC)
oooh I've not seen any fieldfares yet this winter.
6th Jan, 2010 22:57 (UTC)
grey brown blue black birds
5th Jan, 2010 21:09 (UTC)
6th Jan, 2010 00:22 (UTC)
We just went to the pub. The street was full of snowmen :D
5th Jan, 2010 22:07 (UTC)
You've identified our bird for us. A group of redwings have spent the last few days stripping the berries off of our rowan tree. The angry blackbird had to share: he'd eaten too many berries and was too fat to attack them.
6th Jan, 2010 00:23 (UTC)
Urban blackbirds are famous thugs. I am amused to see them discombobulated by pretty migrant thrushes :)
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