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lawks a-mercy it's Bob Flowerdew

The vaguely terrifying Bob Flowerdew (BBC pre-watershed level nudity alert) is coming to Oxford Botanic Gardens for their Winter Lectures series:

A Year in Bob Flowerdew’s Norfolk Garden by Bob Flowerdew, Thursday 28th January
An illustrated feast of the finest flowers, fruits, vegetables and the ingenious methods employed to produce them throughout the seasons.

Alas, the combination of having a big fat ZERO female gardeners speaking and being in the Saïd Business School has put me off mightily. Although, given that they're selling tickets at £45/series (glass of wine included, hopefully for each lecture) suggests that it's not me they're selling to, dearie me no.


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7th Jan, 2010 22:48 (UTC)
Which group of business-orientated Gardeners' Question Time listeners _are_ they selling to, do you think?

I must say that the words "Bob Flowerdew" mean to me "aaaargh no but I'm too lazy to turn the radio off".
8th Jan, 2010 00:24 (UTC)
I get her catalogue but I can't remember her name
rich ones I expect. Has to be said if they'd had Ays Fowler or Carol Klein or the mad flower torturing woman I might have gone....
11th Jan, 2010 17:48 (UTC)
Re: I get her catalogue but I can't remember her name
Sarah Raven I think.

I Googled for ‘sarah cut flowers’
11th Jan, 2010 18:15 (UTC)
Re: I get her catalogue but I can't remember her name
Yes, indeed. The Raven
7th Jan, 2010 23:16 (UTC)
It's in the Said Business School, but it's the Nelson Mandela Auditorium :-) (my mind is too boggled to contemplate such a thing)
8th Jan, 2010 00:18 (UTC)
also for a NAGS marketplace
I've been there. For a Marina Warner lecture on zombies and colonial imaginings.
8th Jan, 2010 09:19 (UTC)
Re: also for a NAGS marketplace
No Allotment, Green Strivers?
8th Jan, 2010 20:09 (UTC)
Re: also for a NAGS marketplace
Neighbourhood Action Groups. The same partnership organises (I kid ye not) the NIMBY groups.
(Deleted comment)
8th Jan, 2010 08:08 (UTC)
you're scaring me now
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