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this week's strip - silver age

I did this week's strip about a month ago, but let it lie because it's a bit trivial, and probably not of interest to anyone except the cat in question's owner. Running the greys over it this morning, though, I found myself thinking -- how she's grown! She's not the confused tweenie kitten in this strip any more, but a bolshy young cat with pouncing issues. Moving from the Silver Age to the Golden Age. Though she does still like bubbles.

I feel like I'm just posting strips about cats at the moment. There are a few more built up, but they're kind of depressing. I'll get to them.

Speaking of depressing: alas, poor Spirit... now a stationary research station.

Silver Age - detail
Silver Age - detail
Kitten, bubbles, cute.


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29th Jan, 2010 09:14 (UTC)
29th Jan, 2010 10:02 (UTC)
kitten and bubbles
Oh, that's very sweet.
29th Jan, 2010 12:41 (UTC)
I love all your cat strips, oh for a whole comic of them (and the opportunity to purchase a poster or tea towel of the one where the kitten first goes into the garden)
29th Jan, 2010 14:02 (UTC)
I think it's BRILLIANT! It could be a little book!
30th Jan, 2010 09:21 (UTC)
I second jasonelvis, maybe a Lulu-shiny-style published collection? It might go down well for cat lovers (or be expensive to produce! But hell, it would look yum.)
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