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What have I been doing?

Last night I knocked over a glass which bounced safely on the carpet and then another glass which hit the first glass and shattered so completely there wasn't enough left to identify it by. In Damian's bedroom. I think I got all the pieces. My socks were all sparkly with glass powder.

I've been looking at ruined buildings in Russia and Belgium.

I've been listening to strange noises from scanner. (Leave for a bit or the sounds won't develop.)

And working, of course. It always comes as a bit of a surprise. I think I'm the world's biggest wastrel and then I look back at what I got done during the last three months ...

... gzoing. Hahaha. This morning I was behind on my six month plan, and now I'm not. I love this instantaneous world.

Bugger. Better tidy up now. So much for my relaxing afternoon ...

Clean desk alert. Jeremy is on holiday.


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30th Sep, 2002 07:10 (UTC)
Hi! I am Ellen from Bath. I am just browsing around LJ just thought I would say hi ;)
8th Oct, 2002 10:27 (UTC)
hullo sorry I didn't mean to be rude
But I was in a wood in Canada. It was very pretty.
8th Oct, 2002 13:02 (UTC)
Re: hullo sorry I didn't mean to be rude
That's cool. Glad you had a nice time ;)
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