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frugal february : in like a mouse

I've seen the frugal february meme/lifeplan wimbling around here and there. Well, OK, I've been looking at fashion blogs again, yes. But it seems like a smart idea, the idea being (as far as I understand it) to do one thing every day that helps to save money.

Certain things (my credit card bill, the prospect of an upcoming terrifying energy bill, that kitchen sink that needs replacing) are whispering to me: yesssssssss this is what you must do. Be frugal! It's only a short month. So, here goes:

Feb 1st - Haggled down from spending £60 at the Videosyncratic closing down sale to £13. This meant leaving most of my pile on the desk, but hey -- it certainly saved some money. DING!

Feb 2nd - Didn't buy the pair of studded jeggings I saw in M&S even though they practically mugged me and demanded it. Oh, and now I am going down the pub. DinG! (collapse)


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2nd Feb, 2010 21:58 (UTC)
Frugality may be occasionally useful but it is not a virtue.

My resolution is to buy my booze from Majestic Wine rather than corner shops where every bottle is a couple of quid dearer. I calculate this will save me literally tens of pounds every month.
3rd Feb, 2010 07:42 (UTC)
If it's enough tens of pounds, you can buy some whiskey with the money you save
2nd Feb, 2010 23:19 (UTC)
I'm already saving.
I scrimp and save permenantly with one hand, and have sporadic bouts of spending madness with the other.

Studded Jeggings... hmmm, would they be suitable for work as well as home? In which case, a necessity.
3rd Feb, 2010 07:47 (UTC)
Re: I'm already saving.
Alas, I have sufficient trousers already. Might try them on today though. You know, just to see what they look like...
2nd Feb, 2010 23:33 (UTC)
Now I want studded jeggings!
3rd Feb, 2010 07:48 (UTC)
They're not on the M&S website! Did I imagine them? I neglected to take a photo....
3rd Feb, 2010 07:49 (UTC)
Re: !!!!
I don't really want some. I thought they were a funny typo, but then I realised they must be some kind of jeans/leggings hybrid.
3rd Feb, 2010 11:03 (UTC)
Re: !!!!
Aha, I was wondering if they were something to do with jogging!
4th Feb, 2010 10:23 (UTC)
Re: !!!!
I fear that nothing I would consider desirable has *anything* to do with jogging...
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