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the phishes are breeding

Harlequin is out of her Buster collar. I don't know how we're ever going to make it up to Teasel. She's been celebrating by pouncing on everything, especially his bum. I'd write her diary, but it would just read Pounce! Pounce! Pounce! Pounce! at the moment.

In other news, a .it email address of the type usually used for those bogus Italian lottery win phishes sent me this small, yet infinitely dense, email:

We write to inform you that the Federal Government of Nigeria incollabration
with United Nations have agreed last week to refund US$4.5M to every scam
victim with immediate effect. Also, to inform you that we are paying you by
CERTIFIED CASHIER'S BANK CHECK. The following information is needed from you.
You’re Name, Private Telephone and address. For urgent delivery to you.

Rev.Dr Paul Williams
Director Payment Monitoring Agency

That apostophe crime is like the final slap in the face of sanity.


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3rd Feb, 2010 23:16 (UTC)
the old pond
Rev Dr Paul

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