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moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 09:37 Suddenly freaked by the man waiting to shoulder surf me into the building. Hope this doesn't presage a day of weird paranoiac imaginings.
  • 14:49 Increasingly annoyed about lost mug, doubtless put in dishwasher by helpful colleague after I went home sick on friday, now gone forever.
  • 14:52 She also didn't find our errant leaflet delivery, tracked it to a snowy loading bay this morning after refusing to take huh?? as an answer.
  • 15:58 By 4pm, my mug is back in the dishwasher. Now recovered and full of catering coffee. Mmm! I may take to storing it in my top drawer again.
  • 21:33 Hmm, I left chili on my hands after cooking tasty paella. Cat demanded half of eclair, got a small lick of cream, with a teeny chili kick.