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the joy of bare branches

On the way down the towpath this last week the branches have been showing a faint blush of red, the bud-swelling precursor of leaves to come. Soon they'll start to fill in with pastel pale new leaves and the beautiful hard shapes of winter branches will be veiled with a yellow-green haze. I'm always a little sad to see the tracery of black branches go; on a bright winter evening the deciduous hedges rest like lace on blue satin, a beautiful edging for the cold black land. On snowy mornings, the snow rests like extra highlights in the crooks and lines of the branches. Look up this week, for the last clean view of bare winter trees.

winter trees winter trees
winter trees shy heron


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11th Feb, 2010 02:53 (UTC)
I love bare branches + sky. Or bare branches + water. I think I may have photographed some variation on it 1,000 times.

P to tha S: Can I paypal you monies for tenovertwelve, and if so, at what address?

12th Feb, 2010 07:33 (UTC)
oooh yes, that makes good sense. jrd @ jeremydennis.co.uk please :)
12th Feb, 2010 13:25 (UTC)
Done :) (and it saves me having to find someone who can convert $ to pounds in this podunk town.)
11th Feb, 2010 14:37 (UTC)
Bare branches are striking, but a) I can't wait for the weather to warm up again, and b) I love springtime leafbuds, early flowers, that first fuzz of green...
12th Feb, 2010 07:34 (UTC)
11th Feb, 2010 20:05 (UTC)
Amen :)

But also looking forward to greenness...
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