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tenovertwelvers, your time is almost up!

So, the first disk is in on tenovertwelve. Yay for the early finisher! Looking forward to seeing the rest. Proper scans to follow in march, along with track-listings for the curious, but for now, in shiny, weird-coloured web-cam-o-vision is "new, new, new, new SOFA". When they're all in, expect a randomly selected disk/s (depending on how many you sent in) in return. Haven't decided how I'll do the randomisation yet, dice, probably, shika shika shika...

Expect a poll in the first week of march about new themes, too. Theme one, obviously, will be "march, april" but as for the rest, it's up to you!

and so it begins....
and so it begins....
Ten over twelvers, this is your deadline speaking. Get them in!


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23rd Feb, 2010 21:16 (UTC)
God, I look completely insane. I'm safe! Safe I tell you!
24th Feb, 2010 10:43 (UTC)
Heh, I was wondering whether or not it would be polite to comment so; but as you have, I need not.
23rd Feb, 2010 21:35 (UTC)
You should have it tomorrow ;)
23rd Feb, 2010 22:53 (UTC)
Be in the post tomorrow now I have the address.. D'oh!
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