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cardigan and kitten woes

My goodness it's mild today. Yesterday snow, today seedlings scrambling out of the soil, leaves breaking out on the trees and birds singing proper, loud, city-bird songs.

I absentmindedly went into Next kids yesterday. Studded goth shirts for little girls! I nearly bought some for my neices on the spot. Fortunately, I couldn't remember their sizes. Also, no money. I went downstairs to womens' to continue my fruitless search for a large, comfortable cardigan which doesn't look like someone knitted it out of muesli, mud and winter sky. No dice. There were cardigans with interesting prints -- tiny, skinny, short-sleeved cardigans. There were big cardigans, but mostly weirdly draped and short sleeved, and in miserable grey, dun and brownish colours. There were boring big cardigans in boring black -- and, incongruously, hot screaming bright pink. They'll end up on the sale rail.

The cats are having shenanigans. Again. But -- next tenovertwelver is in! Looks good :)

throughout the winter she never left her living room
throughout the winter she never left her living room
This one looks dreamy!

EDITED TO ADD: Wondering where I am? My address is in this locked-to-group post.


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24th Feb, 2010 20:26 (UTC)
Yeah. The chillies (various varieties) that I planted three weeks ago decided to scramble out of the soil a couple of days ago.
24th Feb, 2010 21:51 (UTC)
That's some going!
24th Feb, 2010 20:34 (UTC)
Ah, excellent, Royal Mail in not-completely-shit shocker ;)
24th Feb, 2010 21:53 (UTC)
Ummm. Right. If I remembered your house number I'd have dropped it through your mail slot. Or do you have that teapot outside?
24th Feb, 2010 22:07 (UTC)
Yes I do have the teapot outside, it's got checkerberries in at the moment. My address is here.
25th Feb, 2010 11:10 (UTC)
oooh thanks, I was looking for that post but must have missed it somehow. (I've been feeling dreadful this week!) I shall pop it by today. :)
25th Feb, 2010 18:58 (UTC)
I'll remember to link it into my reminder emails better next time as you're not the only one asking!
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