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about to lose my job, I think

The windows in my office have stuck again. It happens every time the weather gets damp. My boss is away on a study week. My boss's boss and my boss's boss's boss are just down the corridoor but I don't want to talk to them about this. Looks like the problem I have phoning [a coworker] over in Democratic Services is still in place. Of course. I go looking for comfort with [another coworker] who suggests I might join the union "they're letting foorball coaches and lollipop ladies join, and you work with young people just as much as they do!" but I'm thinking about what I've seen of the Union in the last year and how they've not (as far as I can see) managed to solve any of the myriad staff problems currently extant, and thinking, oh yeah, more money down the toilet, there's an idea. At least [a hosting company] have tuned on their ansaphone now, so I know that something's gone wrong with their routers, but that's the third problem in a couple of months now which means ... well, it means that I need to find a new host, really, doesn't it? And I don't have the first f***ing idea about how to transfer my site. And, I'd argue, on my salary, I shouldn't, know this sh*t, either. Frelling helling belling ...

Er... OK, problems sorted now, new stuff up, just a couple of hours behind schedule is all. Jeez, web admin is so ... tempestuous!

Oh, and one of the hallkeepers just turned up to drain the radiator, and dealt with the window at the same time, while telling me about the time he came in on a monday morning to find the basement under 2 ft of water. I'm much better now. Other people's misfortune is one of the surest routes to happiness.

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