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entropy in the city

Dozing this morning (as the kitten woke me up by wandering over my head, or re-settling herself in the crook of my arm) I had a dream about some sort of future science disaster, which had resulted in huge piles of buildingstuff, concrete, dust, metal, old pipes, appearing at random places in the town. It was the result of some experiments I was peripherally aware of; they had to do with entropy. There was a large and rather stylish robot going around and clearing the piles up. He didn't have to do it by hand; some sort of adjustment, and they would reduce to fine dust, blow away. The domestic scenes in the story took place back in the flat. It was in a block of nice flats, like you see in parts of London, cream/white painted and, about 5/6 stories tall and c-shaped around a central, very green communal garden. It wasn't big inside, just a few rooms, but it was very nice; we had a good domestic AI and polished golden wood floors. The AI had ended up very focussed on making the cat happy as she was at home the most out of us, and had created a little curled-up-cat shaped coccoon for her to sleep in, that was warm and vibrated slightly as if with an artificial purr. In the end, all the entropy heaps began to disappear spontaneously, but the big robot also began to decay, perhaps because he had become contaminated by the garbage stuff. We were worried that the exposure to the entropy heaps would cause similar reactions in our bodies; we were trying to get the AI to monitor this (it also did health monitoring, this was normal for domestic AIs) but we were having problems getting it to understand our queries. It was very intelligent, but only in narrow bands.

Also, here comes another tenovertwelver:

hand painted!
hand painted!
Here is the next one :)


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27th Feb, 2010 11:51 (UTC)
I like the idea of the AI becoming obsessed with the cat because it is the person who spends most time in the house.
27th Feb, 2010 13:54 (UTC)
Am I supposed to be doing one of these? I misremember
27th Feb, 2010 18:24 (UTC)
mmm, yes, you were. But I'm expecting a few people to drop out so don't stress if you can't get one done for this bimonth -- join in next bimonth
28th Feb, 2010 20:03 (UTC)
I have my mix made and the cover made, just need to burn the CDs. Could I drop it over to your house on my bike? Tomorrow probably?
28th Feb, 2010 22:16 (UTC)
no problem, several are still in the post
28th Feb, 2010 20:51 (UTC)
I have a hellish drive back and forth London/Liverpool every weekend and could beg for music to ease the tedium. Since I suck at mix CD's are you up for the deal I suggested on your original post?
28th Feb, 2010 22:21 (UTC)
Yes I am. Would begging one a suitable size to wear as a pendant be OK?
28th Feb, 2010 22:26 (UTC)
I'll make an attempt. Might not work out as it would have to be on the wee side, there may be unexpected results!

Will post some blank CD's to you in the meantime.
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