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shattered masses (this week's strip)

We have a shattered mass of concrete where a drive was. Sat on top of it, like a smug mother dinosaur, is a tiny digger. The digger will be used tomorrow, to remove the soil that wasn't removed when someone put concrete over the drive five years ago. I dug the remainder of the drainage channel beside the foundation, freed up the last of the damp course. Everything helps in small amounts.

I have a text sitting unanswered from my sister. She wants to go and see Van Gogh with me, just us, not the kids. The exhibition ends in April. We have to gogh. He's at the RA. Last time I saw a major Van Gogh exhibition with my sister, I was in Amsterdam. Even over there, I ran into my boss in the queue outside the gallery. There was no escape.

Which brings us nicely to this week's strip, Disasterama, in which I should be instantly recognisable, from my work-style, if nothing else.

I'm sure it'll all be fine.


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2nd Mar, 2010 09:23 (UTC)
No photos of your baby digger??
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