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and, on a lighter note...

Ever since charlottecooper shared that bizarre quote about women looking in the mirror and seeing a monstrous owl staring back* the other day, I've had this persistent image in my head. The lady and the owl, the owl says wow! This is my first attempt, probably not my last. I see the owl as a blousy, fluffy, irritable, mouse-gobbling fairy godmother; yes, you shall wear slinky lurex glitterball silks in many colours! Just don't come whingeing to me if the prince is too conservative for your tastes... The shoes I'm particularly pleased with; why does no-one print stillettos on the side of wedges? It seemed so obvious when I drew it. Perhaps in this version of the fairy tale, the prince falls for the woman he can swap shoes with.

monstrous owl
monstrous owl
I think we've all been there...

* "Every woman haunted by obesity knows the agony of looking into a mirror and seeing an owl staring back at her" - Marion Woodman [quoted here]


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2nd Mar, 2010 10:06 (UTC)
I don't get the horror of the owl. Why owl? Should one look in the mirror and see a rather fluffy version on oneself with mad staring eyes? (Actually, I already have the mad staring eyes, and am wearing a fluffy-fuzzy cardy as I type!)
No mention of fat about an owl, they just look like they're wearing very thick and sensible coats. You know from looking at them that if you took their freathers off they's be all skinny and weedy underneath!
2nd Mar, 2010 19:26 (UTC)
Uh, she's a psychotherapist so it's probably something Jungian
(Deleted comment)
2nd Mar, 2010 19:27 (UTC)
ooooh that sounds dodgy
No! A glorious chestnut mare!
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