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I'm a bad auntie!

Curses! I have forgotten not one, but two neibling's birthdays! Admittedly, their birthdays are less than a week apart, but still. Have I really been paying so little attention? Never mind, late presents are still presents. And there is a lot going on at the moment.

The tiny digger is gone, and I'm sorry, damiancugley, I didn't photograph it this morning. I should have done (especially as Andy the builder looked so pleased to be operating it) but I was too flat with exhaustion to remember. I feel better now. Yesterday, I woke up bright and went to bed exhausted, today the other way round. Maybe I only really have enough energy for the morning or the afternoon. We almost have a drive, in its place. Progress!

Speaking of which, here come two more tenovertwelves! buddleia, I also have your memorystick. Thanks! Still waiting on a few stragglers: I'll post the poll for next bimonth's themes this friday.

they're coming thick and fast now!
they're coming thick and fast now!
And I doubted the Oxford post!