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the many bewilderments of jeremy day

I think I must gently ignore the most recent friends enquiry I have on Facebook. She really does not look like one of mine. Or she might be from that illustrators community I was briefly involved in some years ago? Or 43 things? No, on balance I think that she was probably expecting another Jeremy Day altogether.

Speaking of which, surreal moment of the day comes in an email from "John Smith"

Hello Good Day,

I contact to make enquiry for mannequins. I will like you
to get back to me with the available Models and Price so that i can
make my selection and get back to you with the quantity that i may
need. Thank You and i will be await for your respond including your
name and contact number.

Thanks and Regards

Must be something to do with autons I suppose... ooh, and:

awww is cute
awww is cute
Here is another


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3rd Mar, 2010 19:45 (UTC)
I wonder if she's the one I ignored the other day?
First time I've done that, but I really couldn't understand how she could be connected to me or anyone I know, and I had the feeling she was into posting about glamour girl stuff and what kind of knickers she had on.
3rd Mar, 2010 19:59 (UTC)
Diffently unconnected I think -- mine's American, lists the bible as a favourite book and mamma mia as a favorite film, had dogs in her userpic and friends called skip. She does list lots of artstuff in her interests, but I really can't spot the point of connection.
3rd Mar, 2010 20:03 (UTC)
I think the internet is messing with my head
Although googling her name does make google point me at Captain John Smith's 400 project (an absolutely unrelated community sailing project).
4th Mar, 2010 10:31 (UTC)
Being a luddite as far as these new fangled social networking doohickies are concerned (when are they going to develop anti-social networks where we all sit at home and ignore each other ?), I don't have the "friends" problem. I do have an issue with one of my email accounts. For some reason, people assume that they can email their friend at first name.last name@big email company and it'll magically go to their friend. I keep getting emails from a prayer group in the American heartland discussing their various trials and tribulations and asking for everyone to join in prayers for Amy-Sue's festering ingrowing toenail.... I have politely pointed out that I'm not who they think I am, but with no results. In the end, I stuck a filtering rule in that just bounces their emails back to them.
4th Mar, 2010 11:12 (UTC)
Both my surname and given names are rare, so the chance of confusion should be low. Despite this, we do have another Damian in my office, so I often got mail addressed to firstname@companyname intended for him. Also (given no-one knows how my given name is spelled), they generally started "Whoops, correct spelling this time."

This is why I think there was a lot of sense in the old-fasioned method of using initials for mail addresses rather than names. Making it so that you have to look up their mail address rather than hazzard a guess saves time in the end.

In the future parents will give their children globally-unique names as a matter of course, just like company start-ups do.
4th Mar, 2010 23:23 (UTC)
Wow, so quick! I meant to tell you that strip belonged to June 23rd 2009 :[ sorry!
3rd Mar, 2010 20:21 (UTC)
"Lower State of Consciousness"? Yeah, that sums up my winters all right...
4th Mar, 2010 00:18 (UTC)
I used to get spam requests like that for things that I'd photoshopped. I got several requests for a handbag that I'd put a picture of Stalin on the front of.
4th Mar, 2010 10:32 (UTC)
I've been receiving email asking me whether my company is equipped to cope with oil spills. I suspect it isn't, but I figure that's someone else's problem.
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