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This also happened today:

  • 09:38 As I was turning into work, an early drunk shouted angry at me; but I had Gary Numan's Conversation turned up loud, and didn't hear a thing.
  • 18:25 Thanks for the alert @damiancugley. Looks like I had something nasty in my browser cache.
  • 18:35 Those link-shorteners, they're such a bloody liability. @griffinkate I think hair as short as mine would look kind of harsh on you.
  • 18:37 A grim day at the infoface about to morph into a hard evening in theactivity mines. Bah. @bluedevi well, that's an enormous relief!
  • 21:12 @mockduck do your police have a what's the helicopter doing? webpage like Thames Valley? You often have to wait till the day after though.
  • 21:18 Celebrating International Womens Day by watching TV and drinking gin while my husband cooks pierogi. Not sure where the cat is. Somewhere.
  • 21:25 Singing the pierogi song, while the frying pan considers explosive delamination. If this goes anything like the wasp, next come the screams.
  • 22:06 OK, now time for a documentary about Kylie Minogue. 00s feminism, c'est moi. @griffinkate keep it longer on top, and it'd work I think?
  • 22:45 @j4, @griffinkate, sorry, I was distracted by Kylie. Those brave/foolhardy enough to let me cut their hair usually pay me in beer/wine.
  • 22:55 Yes, absolutely. I almost never start drinking until after the haircutting is over.