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Urgh. I'm watching Screenwipe and it's splintering my brain. Bits of Oasis are either supporting or dissing the government. Impossible to tell.

Oh no! He's just called something the ultimate low! Red reg to the mediasphere! Watch things hurtle towards the plughole, again. On the other hand, I can at least feel relieved that no-one is paying me to watch television I hate.

No, instead, I'm listening to music I love and puzzling through why things are making me irrationally angry when they merely reflect normal human failings. At least that mystery has been solved, but not before I wrote a comic about it, which made me feel a little better. That makes it five comics in the finish-me-now pile now. They'd be weekly if I ever got them finished, you know.

Here's the first two panels of number 1 in that pile, the rest to follow when I've coloured it in, which I hope will be soon.

the seven rules of sofa club
the seven rules of sofa club
Well, the first two rules, anyway.

Sofa club was inspired by badasstronaut worrying about staying in; I was lying on the sofa with Facebook open, fairylights on, a glass of wine, and something neat playing on the television. Sofa club seemed like a good place to be.

Tenovertwelvers, your CDs are in the post. I know they'll get to you OK becuase a post office staffer in an Alice in Wonderland costume told me how to use the robot tills. bluedevi, I hope you're coming to the pub tomorrow, because yours is in an envelope marked "by hand". Today I finished listening to "Lower State of Consciousness" by oxfordhacker, an amniotic wash of soothing music guaranteed to make your hibernation state peaceful, pleasurable. Standout track, I kid you not, is "Standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hand" by Primitive Radio Gods. It was so good I nearly walked straight into a cyclist, which would have been embarassing for both of us as she was on the pavement (which is the sensible place to be if you're a cyclist on Kennington Road).

Lower State of Consciousness
Lower State of Consciousness
By oxfordhacker


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16th Mar, 2010 03:45 (UTC)
I suspect our terrier Baldrick was a charter member of Sofa Club.
16th Mar, 2010 10:58 (UTC)
I have a robotic package, thank you ;)
16th Mar, 2010 19:08 (UTC)
Hurrah for robot Alice!
16th Mar, 2010 11:36 (UTC)
God I worry about stupid things. Oh well. Actually I spent all of last weekend in and around home doing things, and I liked it very much.

16th Mar, 2010 11:39 (UTC)
BTW - I have made my playlist for the March/April CD, and have been poring over the rules in the original post. I supply three copies of the same disc - do I need to make copies of the cover? I have no functional printer, so can I make three different covers?
16th Mar, 2010 19:08 (UTC)
Yes! That would be an excellent thing to do! Two of last bimonths were hand-made (one painted, one collaged) and that is just fine.

What I do is scan the cover and send people scans, along with the mp3s. Speaking of which -- and I should post this on the main blog actually -- it's enormously easier for me to copy the files onto a datastick rather than burning onto CDs, so if you could manage a datastick, that would be great!
16th Mar, 2010 19:47 (UTC)
Shawls are good, but it's only a short step away from shawls to ponchos!

(Though ponchos are great too.)
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