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it's been a day of it, I'm afraid :(

Oh dear. Livejournal have just attempted to "upgrade" their Scrapbook function. Already baroque, it is now quite broke. I've managed to figure out the right route to just-about upload pictures, but any attempt to change captions, annotate, add tags, etc. is instantly setting the picture to private, while also making it uneditable and undeletable. It's really quite eccentric. I also have a lot of waste data I can't do anything with (unless those are ghost files -- some of the effects I'm getting certainly suggest that they don't really exist).

Ugh. My poor little sister has very bad rheumatoid arthritis. Anyone with good stories or reassurance, please weigh in. She says she looks very strange -- thin, with swollen bits around the joints. Poor thing.

It may be a little harder for me to continue with the tenovertwelvers as I was using a Scrapbook Gallery. But look! I found a route, briefly, through the bugs. pomma_pense's compilation Uniform Grey is (appropriately enough) the coldest of all the compilations, bitingly chilled and jack-frost lacy with delicate spreading icy winter tales. I really liked title track Uniform Grey but Mortal City by Dar Williams takes the crown -- her strange halted story-songs don't always work for me, but this one is a treasure.

uniform grey
uniform grey
By pomma_penses


17th Mar, 2010 07:27 (UTC)
She's not really eating at the moment and she was thin to start with, so I think that making suggestions about restricting her diet might not be the best approach. She's got lots of medical help and advice going on -- good old NHS -- and she's certainly aware of the dietary approach, she mentioned it to me.

Some of the medications are based on a similar principle to the therapeutic effects of applying stinging nettles -- she's in Devon, so goodness knows. Maybe they'll use bees.

Edited at 2010-03-17 08:01 (UTC)