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green hair on St Patrick's Day

I've done it again. Thank goodness it was mostly hat weather. I did get something inexplicable said into my face by a Spanish school kid, but the music was on high and I drifted on by. It's impossible to be annoyed when Vikings are singing you songs about Ikea.

Out in the garden, the tiny miniature irises are out. The yellow ones are especially pretty, they have little freckles of blue. OMG Nectarine is about to burst forth in flower, the docks and dandilions are starting to make their presence known and something dark red is planning on flowering very soon indeed. The sun is coming back, and Harlequin wants to go out (even though things about the outside world scare her). On Sunday, she went along the verandah roofs, and ended up crying outside the window of the second neighbour but one. I think she thinks all upstairs windows lead to home. If only.

Anyway, I've finally finished it! Last week's strip, the seven rules of sofa club. Or there might be eight. Really, I forget. Sofa club really does not get hung up on such things.

everbody snooze!
everybody snooze!
Welcome to Sofa Club

...and another tenovertwelver, Happy Winter Blanket by charleston, a cosy cheerful celebration of sticking two fingers up at travel chaos and curling up in happy warmth. The Those Dancing Days track it opens with is bloody lovely, and then there's Pelle Carlberg's Fly me to the moon which was a) hilarious and b) not at all what I expected...

Happy Winter Blanket
Happy Winter Blanket
charleston's mix is cosy!

P.S. bluedevi, your mixes are now in the post. Sorry but I wanted to tick the job done.


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18th Mar, 2010 09:08 (UTC)
I suppose the unspoken rule about Sofa Club is that you do not, under any circumstances, refer to it as a settee.
18th Mar, 2010 23:27 (UTC)
Well, it was unspoken until you said it. Maybe it can go into the amendents?
18th Mar, 2010 09:10 (UTC)
I have immediately become a big fan of sofa club.
18th Mar, 2010 23:32 (UTC)
join us
The sofas of sofa club have many cushions.
18th Mar, 2010 09:12 (UTC)
Sofa Club
Gorgeous. Colours!
18th Mar, 2010 23:30 (UTC)
Re: Sofa Club
Could have done with a few more florals. It all went a bit world of IKEA....
18th Mar, 2010 09:52 (UTC)
Yay for Roomba appearance :)
18th Mar, 2010 23:29 (UTC)
most passionately
Oh yes, sofa club embraces technology...
12th Feb, 2011 17:54 (UTC)
Count me in!
Hi, I came over from 43Things (whahappen). I LOVE the Sofa Club. It's the ultimate lifestyle.
13th Feb, 2011 12:35 (UTC)
Re: Count me in!
!!!! How nice to see you over here

enjoy my sofa !
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