Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

number two in a series

One kitten is in the garden, the other is sniffing around my marmite. No! Not yours! It isn't the best weather for gardening, but it'll do, I think. I have yellow miniature irises in the garden. I feel ambivalent about a treecreeper. Several of my friends have been doing introducing things on their journals recently. I think maybe because the tide of the social web is churning, and things and people are being left stranded. The novelty has faded; can it port successfully into normality, as mobile phones did? My instinct is yes; but I also recall that the transitional time is lumpy.

Never mind, back to the serious business of the internet: Here I present number two in a series of Harlequin staying inside things:


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