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head of smoked glass

With stupid inevitability, I'm getting a head cold. So much to do and no space for anything but cotton wool. Throbbing head of heavy persistent dullness. I was going to get Things done this evening. But maybe my days of doing things are over now; time and calendar all filled in, every space chunked and allocated with a clonk and a clunk. All along the river, trees are showing their pussy willows. A goose has started a nest on the island of that house that looks weirdly Venetian, stepping across a channel of the Thames by Folly Bridge. My mother is bringing me her propogater next week, and a pile of gardening books. Time spins on.

This stunning cover wraps around Get here in one piece by buddleia, the soundtrack to looking at the weather and deciding to call a snow day, only to find yourself worrying about friends out on the road, in the cold. That Stars track is lovely, but my winner is Antarctica, so cold and practical.

Get here in one piece
Get her in one piece
By buddleia


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23rd Mar, 2010 09:57 (UTC)
You mean Opus Dei House? There was a punt waiting in the channel on Sunday and j4 suggested it was ready for a getaway.
23rd Mar, 2010 18:15 (UTC)
Yes, I've never really known what it was. Thanks for that...
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