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moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 09:26 Wonder why I can smell fairground hotdogs on Folly Bridge? Makes me want a festival breakfast. Literary festival's on alas wrong breakfast.
  • 09:35 A portly middle aged man walking by toting an M&S carrier bag and a blow job is better than no job t-shirt. Someone got lucky last night...
  • 09:46 Struck by a sudden desire to break out into interpretive dance in the break-out area. This is what I get for skipping breakfast.
  • 19:47 Oh my. BBC 1 have just locked a television presenter inside a Schrödinger's Box. There are currently two of Dallas, one dead, one alive.
  • 20:13 @Tanukitsune I know! I sawI your tweetpic. If you ever do make bit.ly/cNVpvk into tea by accident I will give you another gladly :)