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[Transcript of something I said to myself while buzzing round the room] Okay, how are we doing? Got my Sumatriptan, my barbie keyring, my Palm Pilot, the Data Projector, a shirt that's not really fit to be seen, a spare kettle lead, shit! Forgot to shave ...

Life is coming to a grim pass when you realise that you really ought to be keeping a razor in your drawer given your inability to remember meetings. I also don't have a properly charged battery for Mavica. Damn it, damn it, damn it.

I need to do something this evening and option one just went kaput. I suppose I could go to Disques Vogues?

Although on the bright side my psychotic sleep-deprivation fuelled spellmongering last night appears to be bearing fruit. Despite only getting slightly over four hours of sleep, I do feel a bit more complete today.


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17th Oct, 2002 04:35 (UTC)
Eh? shave? are you turning into a hairy old lady?

How about YouthClubTapeClub -- first night tonight according to what Irene originally told me? I am meant to be unpacking boxes and washing clothes and such so shouldn't go, but I expect you can round up a posse? Also Damian has a fan in one of the YCTC young males. By proxy, and having only seen Qz, but still. They would be thrilled.

If not this week, I'm definitely going next week.
17th Oct, 2002 09:12 (UTC)
actually, compared to most of the other people there ...
My slight unshavenness was merely slightly rakish.

We fear YCTC without you to make us look cool, Jenni. Tragic, but true.
17th Oct, 2002 08:16 (UTC)
ho ho you could come round and accompany me as I do housey house stuff like washing clothes, unpacking boxes, setting up computer, and possibly watching Buffy season 7 ep 3 courtesy of Neal?

Seriously, some company would be nice, but I don't expect you'd necessarily fancy that exciting program of events!
17th Oct, 2002 11:56 (UTC)
A shaven Jeremy, now that's novel! ;-)
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