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damn I forgot about the Building Better Communities event

[Transcript of something I said to myself while buzzing round the room] Okay, how are we doing? Got my Sumatriptan, my barbie keyring, my Palm Pilot, the Data Projector, a shirt that's not really fit to be seen, a spare kettle lead, shit! Forgot to shave ...

Life is coming to a grim pass when you realise that you really ought to be keeping a razor in your drawer given your inability to remember meetings. I also don't have a properly charged battery for Mavica. Damn it, damn it, damn it.

I need to do something this evening and option one just went kaput. I suppose I could go to Disques Vogues?

Although on the bright side my psychotic sleep-deprivation fuelled spellmongering last night appears to be bearing fruit. Despite only getting slightly over four hours of sleep, I do feel a bit more complete today.

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