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black and white and pink all over

March, march, it's full of things not quite happening. I try to remain sanguine, but sometimes it's hard. Something about the confidence building course I went on earlier this week really knocked me for six. I had a cold but still the exhaustion and reaction seemed out of proportion. Perhaps it's something along the lines of yes, I know that and I do this, and I'm working on the other thing and I'm still not working... which gives the impression that she was a bad tutor, which she wasn't. I don't know. Gleaning the cracks for something you missed is never going to be as exciting as discovering a whole new room, I guess.

The kitten continues to be cute, the nectarine coninues to blossom. If don't have kitten/blossom action on film by the end of the weekend I will consider myself (as one of my ex bosses used to say) to be negligent. Speaking of which, does anyone remember the digital camera from 2002 that took threshold photos (pure black/white). I resurrected it as part of a kit upgrade, and it's still holding charge. They built them like bricks (it's as heavy as one, too).

OK, anyway there is this week's strip.

going up, going down
going up, going down
Thoughts on stairs.


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26th Mar, 2010 09:22 (UTC)
26th Mar, 2010 10:18 (UTC)
Re: Also!
Good god! There's a piece of history.
26th Mar, 2010 10:32 (UTC)
makes me wonder what else is tucked away in old directories
-- this one would benefit from a link at the end to my "gigs" gallery on Flickr


which collects all the bandblurz into one massive woozy gallery
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