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am i grown-up now?

For the first time in my life, I have a business card of my very own. [A workmate] turned up and dumped four packets in my hands. Logo, email, address, meaningless job title. I am awed at my own reality.

(In all previous jobs I have been handing over a card, saying, well, that's not me, but I'm at the same address and number, just ask for me insted of them.)


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17th Oct, 2002 12:01 (UTC)
Egads no!
No adulthood!

Actually, I've already come across several events where cards would have been useful ... I'm just holding off until those MIT shoe-cards go global. :-)

(the ones that are powered by the kinetics of walking, and transmit your e-card to another shoe by physical contact ... so at the end of a party or meeting you can download your shoe).

30th Oct, 2002 09:07 (UTC)
from Pete
"I am awed at my own reality" - wonderful turn of phrase - sums up a feeling I get from time to time.

Pete (http://peteashton.com)
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