Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

friends to the undertow

So, I didn't get to the UK Web and Minicomics Thing, no. At the moment, travelling out of town for anything less compelling and urgent than, say, a show full of giant anamatronic dinosaurs or a wedding seems like an imposition too far. There was also the financial consideration; though I'm annoyed to have missed out on everyone's cool new comics, doubtless my bank account is chortling quietly to itself rather than haplessly weeping in a dark, hopeless corner. Which makes a nice change. Anyway, to this week's strip. The weird thing I'm carrying in it is my strawberry bag, a reusable shopping bag that looks like a giant strawberry on a string, now sadly out of commission until it can be washed, following a farmers market-related seepage incident.

In which I buy a pair of studded legging for vague but intensely-felt reasons.


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