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( 6 worms — Feed the birds )
31st Mar, 2010 21:28 (UTC)
Weasels Ripped my flesh!
31st Mar, 2010 22:33 (UTC)
nice muscular modelling, too
Aw look at their little legs!
31st Mar, 2010 22:12 (UTC)
That's very kind, but I've just eaten.
31st Mar, 2010 22:34 (UTC)
maybe as many as 100
I assume my body could feed many more weasels if they were simply mildly peckish.
6th Apr, 2010 11:58 (UTC)
I've posted a...a...thing to you today, and enclosed a memory-stick as I thought that might be more handy for you than CD's. It's one of those duel-drive thingies with a stupid undeletable drive (WOW) from ex-work on it so you may need to jab it into your computer a couple of times before you find the empty bit.
Should work though!
6th Apr, 2010 18:43 (UTC)
looking forward to it
Thankyou very much :D
( 6 worms — Feed the birds )