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65 Tarns

My mum was sixty-five last year; she spent four seasons, winter to autumn, trecking through the Lake District after sixty-five named tarns (and, inevitably, one Innominate Tarn). Throughout the year I got the progress reports, by phone, as I walked the backstreets or tow-path home at the end of every working week. I swapped tales of unexpected woodpeckers and regattas for her latest tarn conquests; "I've visited four more, but I haven't drawn them up yet." With humorous inevitability she made her sixty-five months early, and with half a book unfilled. I remember the conversation, and urging her to carry on, as she hadn't got to autumn yet. So, there are a lot more than sixty-five tarns in this book, alongside walks, poems, and a marvellously thorough index. I finally got to see it last week, when mum dropped by on her annual Tour of Daughters. We ate tasty pie and I flipped through the book, juggling a camera while the Brookes girls at the next table hopped in and out of their chairs, blocking my light with their tousled masses of just out of bed hair. This year she's doing paths less travelled, although she has yet to meet the full challenge; can they walk all day in the lakes without seeing another person in high tourist season?

65 Tarns 65 Tarns
65 Tarns 65 Tarns

There's about nine photos on the click-through.


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12th Apr, 2010 23:13 (UTC)
Seriously beautiful stuff. What a talented lady.
13th Apr, 2010 07:24 (UTC)
oh yes
yes she has cup marks

My mum is way cool :D
13th Apr, 2010 05:30 (UTC)
Wow. That looks fantastic. What a wonderful idea. Is she going to publish it?
13th Apr, 2010 07:22 (UTC)
I doubt it...
Like mother, like daughter ;)
13th Apr, 2010 07:29 (UTC)
Re: I doubt it...
That's a shame, the drawings are lovely, and it seems like the perfect book to go on sale in the Lake Distict for other walkers to get inspiration. Maybe poke one of those walking lakey publishers?
13th Apr, 2010 07:35 (UTC)
I need to thank you for a thing! I love the little fishes! I already wore it!

uhmmm photos to follow :)
13th Apr, 2010 10:54 (UTC)
Very cool
Kudos to your mum.
13th Apr, 2010 11:35 (UTC)
Those illustrations are wonderful!
13th Apr, 2010 15:50 (UTC)
That book is seriously beautiful.
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