Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

tenovertwelvers, are you ready?

It's final week time for tenovertwelving. Rules, themes, address and so on are all in this grouplocked post. If you're taking a break this bi-month, just let me know... looking forward to seeing everyone else's creations next week (Royal Mail willing).

I'm unfortunately exhausted from a combination of seven day weeks and a course last week, in which I learned how to make web pages. NOT WELL ENOUGH, though, I fear. Will have to learn more. Is it true that if you fill your head with one thing, it will just overwrite others? My future, oh well.

Birds, boots and other exotic creatures is my favourite of the three themes!

The Birds in the Tunnel there's no place like home
exotic visitor goose butts

In unrelated news, I hope marmite isn't bad for cats.
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