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Days since the party and my finger is still partially grated from that unfortunate moment when the rock-hard parmesan met the sharpest grater in the kitchen. The blood always adds something to cheese biscuits, but my goodness what a gouge. The finger nail is split several millimetres down. The thumb's scarcely better.

I spent some of sunday planting heuchera in stony ground. As J liked Alchemilla and colour, I thought they might prove a winner. She'd come away from the store with a whole pile of varieties with tasty sticky names; licorice, tiramisu, key lime pie. The soil's thin though; more mulching required. What a year of mulching it is becoming.

Enough mulching, anyway, here come a few more tenovertwelvers! I like the shiny boots :)

thick and fast!
thick and fast!
Birds, boots, fantastic creatures


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5th May, 2010 23:04 (UTC)
There are few things worse than severely grated finger. Well, there are many things worse, but chainsaws tend to be found in kitchens less.
5th May, 2010 23:12 (UTC)
challenge heston!
6th May, 2010 09:38 (UTC)
Heh, T was planting heuchera yesterday too. Hers are called 'chocolate ruffles'. These names are sheer genius on the part of the heuchera marketing board.
6th May, 2010 14:25 (UTC)
I have a copy of Mrs Dalloway and would be happy to lend it to you.
6th May, 2010 18:27 (UTC)
oooh thanks can we arrange a suitable time to pick her up?
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