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ok you can haz compilations!

OK already, enough with the terrifying political slash. Every passing day makes it harder to tell Clegg and Cameron apart. Also, they sound like undertakers. Cameron and Clegg. Possibly cage fighters. Sorry, just the hope talking. Been researching the new girl in Oxford West and Abingdon -- ooh, she features as a pro-life highlight of the election. Goodee. I shall accordingly adjust her status from "Cameron Cutie" to "Dorries in Waiting". Also taking a quick glance at the history of our First Green MP, trying to see if my memories of sighing angrily and voting against her in 1992 were correct (grey goo, anyone?). Yep. Here's hoping she's, um, read up on a few things in the meantime.

Wait! Some important news. Another tenovertwelver. Two CDs????? What's going on? I'm expecting another two, then I shall compile this month's collection and post the poll. Time to get thinking about themes for May, June....


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10th May, 2010 23:35 (UTC)
Hooray! It only took a bit over a week to arrive. I'll keep that in mind and start earlier this next time. :)
11th May, 2010 07:09 (UTC)
yeah, me too...
Oh, we did have bank hols here which tends to shove in an extra 1-3 days delay
11th May, 2010 11:23 (UTC)
Not related to this, but did you notice that one of your pics got featured on Cake Wrecks?
11th May, 2010 19:12 (UTC)
Hurrah! Fame at last!
11th May, 2010 15:59 (UTC)
Sorry, I got delayed by indecision / confusion over themes - then decided to just do "March/April", chose my tracks, chose my cover pic - and have finally be thwarted by failure of local library etc to do colour printing (I'm not at work this week) - well I was late anyway so it's my own fault! will get it together next time...
11th May, 2010 19:21 (UTC)
Some compilations are not meant to be. Next time!
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