Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

won't somebody think of the politicians' children?

Just been watching the BBC slideshow of yesterday's government change. The naked delight on the Queen's face as she welcomes her new PM (old Etonian and all round Tory posh boy) is a sight to behold. Speaking of which, did you hear about the rooftop protest at Witney* Polling Station? Nice touch with the boater and the champagne, although it's entirely possible (as the men later claimed) that they were not protesting, but celebrating. Someone, somewhere must have photos, but I'm not finding them. Apparently the banner had Cameron shopped up as Lord Kitchener on it. (though here's the wrong shop, and a similar protest earlier, and proportional representation cupcakes). Currently seeking a "I didn't vote for this" badge -- j4 has one, although apparently that referred not to politics, but to having large, cumbersome, barely-functional IT system foisted upon her workplace. A truly good badge is properly applicable to many situations, though.

*Spelsbury, actually, which does explain why no-one got any photos. Or did they????. Yes, yes they did. Wow, they look bored. I love the shot of all the papparazi not photographing them.

Enough of our antiquated parliamentary system, though. Check this out! Appliqué! Poll for the next theme to follow tomorrow, comps to be posted out next week. And to everyone thinking I WANT THAT ONE, it all depends on the dice.


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