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Tenovertwelve theme poll for may, june

New venues at the Punt last night, one of which was the visitor's room at Malmaison. You ascend in a leather-lined lift to a high-ceilinged room with high prison windows, all decorated in that undeniably comfortable but wildly overcooked Malmaison style (De Sade by the way of the High 80s, in brown). Prison themed cocktails and bar snacks served in steel reproductions of prison plates. Decadent, and not in a good way (Michael Portillo and Peter Mandelson would love this, said Tim) although that didn't stop my conquest of the 241 cocktails. The band playing there had risen to the venue, and produced a neatly printed menu of their set-list, including such delights as "Fields of Fear - Well aged rave with a bouncy centre". I also got carded (at the Purple Turtle!) which made me think (and eventually pull out my Council ID badge).

Oh well, to work, to work. And what are we doing today, Jeremy? The same thing we do every day -- three different jobs, at least... speaking of which, has anyone got any interesting links to share on the psychology of online interaction? I need a couple of good quotes for a training slide.

Hey, tenovertwelvers! Still reading? Here's next month's poll. Suggest! Vote! If the results are inconclusive we will have a hung theme that is not quite what anyone wanted I will arbritrality declare the themes to be May, June; Elections and examinations; and the sun also rises.

Poll #1563657 Tenovertwelve themes for May, June?

The first theme for the May/June Tenovertwelve is May, June

Yes, obviously!
I think that's very restrictive.
I'd prefer another month, please?

The second theme for the May/June Tenovertwelve compilation should be:

The other theme for the May/June Tenovertwelve compilation should be:

Shut up and start showing us the music!

Yes please
Except for the bit about shutting up
Unless you're talking about politics
Or geese
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