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85 ft tall green and yellow fibre-glass dinosaur
85 feet tall and wired for sound. Go up the stairs through jungle sounds and occasional roaring, luminous bones and plastic fossils to stare out through its toothy grin at the Alberta badlands and downtown Drumheller, the town that was built on dinosaurs. The tiny guy walking under the plastic palm tree is Adrian, and he's not small at all, unlike the dinosaur, which is HUGE!


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24th Oct, 2002 00:40 (UTC)
Pretty damn cool. I'm seriously impressed!
24th Oct, 2002 02:53 (UTC)
Irrelevant to the dinosaur, but...
... have you seen this?
24th Oct, 2002 09:11 (UTC)
Ah, the cheeky part of Drumheller
Well, I hope you managed to scamper about in the Badlandy-bit right outside the Royal Tyrell...

At least I'm pleased you got to see the best (and worst) of Alberta. :-)



Incidentally, Doug is moving to Canmore now, so we may have a permament OUSFG outpost at the foot of the Rockies...
24th Oct, 2002 09:13 (UTC)
Re: Ah, the cheeky part of Drumheller
Also: Did you play that primitive interactive game in the Museum ... the one where you're some sort of lizard trying to find food & water, avoid predators, and breed successfully?

The consoles were located near the conservatory rainforesty bit.

I always died by the second rainy season.

Zac :)
25th Oct, 2002 16:36 (UTC)
a bit, yes
We all died. A lot. "I'm hungry! I'm thirsty! I'm cold! Rrrrraagh!" It was just like an OUSFG punt party.
26th Oct, 2002 07:30 (UTC)
Re: a bit, yes

Yeah, I can just imagine Jo saying "I'm hungry" is just the same way she says "Tea! Tea!"

25th Oct, 2002 16:34 (UTC)
Re: Ah, the cheeky part of Drumheller
We didn't have much time, but we had a bit of a wander round Mushroom Canyon. I thought the dinosaur was way cool, but then plastic dinosaurs and me, we go way back.

I'm not sure I know who Doug is, but hey, great!
26th Oct, 2002 07:34 (UTC)
Re: Ah, the cheeky part of Drumheller
Doug Pippy, was doing some Masters work - fisheries/marine biology I think ... was there at the same time as moi. Was a Library night and Discussion meet frequenter ... but his then-married life kept him occupied from time-to-time, oh yeah, and that academic work.



Incidentally, on the drive to the Kananaskas along the Trans-Canada, there are several hills well populated by plastic dinos ... on the prowl, herding about - kind of fun; especially as the local bison and cattle conveniently ignore these things.

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