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tenovertwelvers, your next themes are....

Thank you for your contributions, tenovertwelvers! I'm a few days late with posting the themes, I'm afraid. However, they are simpler this time:

1. May, June
2. Mayflies, Mayfowers/A fighting chance
3. Summer between the mountain and the sea

As ever, feel free to be inspired but go off at a tangent, do your own theme or willfully ignore the themes. However, there are some rules that Must Not Be Ignored. Go under the cut to view them:

1. Your CD should be an audio CD. One audio CD, not two!
2. It should be intended to be played all the way through on a CD player, beginning to end.
3. It should reflect one or more of the provided themes.
4. CDs should come with a track-list and cover. You may interpret this as broadly as you want, as long as both can be placed on a flat-bed scanner.
4. You may send 1-3 copies of your CD. You will receive back as many CDs as you send.
5. Please also include two blank CDs, or a datastick, SD card or other recordable media of more than 1000MB capacity. This will be returned to you, and will contain all compilations received, as mp3s.
6. Themes are posted on the second friday of the month, and deadline for returning compilations is the last friday of the following month. You will receive CDs during the first two weeks of the following month.
7. Please mark your CD with your name, so that I don't send you back your own CD.

Please send your contributions to:

Jeremy Day
2 Freelands Road
Oxford OX4 4BT

by 30th June please! And if you approach comps like I do, I suggest you set your reminder for a week *before* the deadline...

Any questions, go to the comments, and happy compilationing, everybody!

Look out for CDs coming back to you shortly. There are a few spaces open this bi-month if anyone else wants to take part. Now I'm going to go and listen to them all :)


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18th May, 2010 02:50 (UTC)
I will restrain myself next time.
18th May, 2010 22:32 (UTC)
you weren't the only one!
18th May, 2010 23:34 (UTC)
Re: heheh
really? OH, I feel much better now :)

Anyway, my intent was not to make more work for you, our kind and benevolent host :)
18th May, 2010 10:04 (UTC)
Hello, I'm a lurker who got here via various mutual friends... Would you mind if I joined in?
18th May, 2010 22:32 (UTC)
Yep, I've seen you around. I've added you to the right custom groups, come join in :)
27th Jun, 2010 13:09 (UTC)
Also, would a 1 GB microSD card be okay for the storage?
27th Jun, 2010 21:45 (UTC)
That should be fine, I have a multi card reader
6th Jul, 2010 16:02 (UTC)
It'll probably wind up being with you Thursday, sorry; I was hoping to get it in tonight's post but am having some weirdness with graphics that I'm not going to have time to sort out before the last collection...

<-- is crap.
6th Jul, 2010 17:38 (UTC)
(I also note that, having just looked at last month's datastick, I seem only to have my own stuff on there, not everyone else's?)
6th Jul, 2010 18:59 (UTC)
OH? How strange. I did them sort of production line style and may have failed at a point on yours, sorry -- are you OK to get two bimonths at once?

... oh, and not to worry about the thursday, I am still rebuilding my facilities following computer catastrophe, so it'll all be a bit late.
6th Jul, 2010 19:06 (UTC)
Sure -- whenever's good for you, it's no problem from my end (as you can probably tell from the fact I'd not looked at it until now ;))
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