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moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 12:33 Following two senior workers out of the council: I remember when they had a proper canteen, it did christmas dinners, you brought the wine..
  • 13:10 Had to beg coffee off Damian as I just spent all my money on cider and a brace of rooks at the farmer's market, more poacher's market today.
  • 14:31 Downstairs for massage, also had a short discussion about stress and a minimeeting; came back to discover colleague still on same phonecall.
  • 16:45 @mondoagogo you eat rooks as squabs, like pigeons (entirely legal) but apparently the taste is much beefier. Thinking of crispy roasting it!
  • 21:22 In the end I pan-fried the rook with brandy, ras al hanout, and chopped apricots. Gypsy cuisine at its finest. Quite nice, actually.