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moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 16:35 Seen anything good yet? Asks the guy at Fopp. Er, no... but #dottodot is I'm sure great if you can ever get through the queues.
  • 16:40 The few one in one outs that come up are promptly hoovered up by pink wristbands and similar VITs. One year I'll see inside the Cooler...
  • 19:16 Caught in a tiny tsunami of indie princesses for Blood Red Shoes (hair like firework explosion in bleach factory) short set, but such fun.
  • 20:16 Oh, the anson rooms. Ale at student prices, comfortable space, utopian concrete as far as the eye can see.
  • 20:35 Will noone shave Liars? They look like hairy dogs stifling in summer heat. Also, they sound like nothing is better! Right now @ #dottodot
  • 21:57 Back to the boat for Lonelady's doomy retro electro strung with antique drum machine beats. There's a man in the crowd with hair like limahl