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I have my sketch pad back

Turned out I did want it back, after all. I've been spending the last couple of days scraping and scratching away at all of the half-finished odds and sods that were lurking within. That, and listening to a new crop of tenovertwelvers, and looking after cats, and fretting that I don't have time enough for gardening.

I also bought a ruck-jack, which is a jacket that converts into a rucksack, patent pending. It has secret straps in the wrist vents. It rules.

What's been news? well, we have a damp course. I germinated a measly one of the climbing courgettes. Kitten has taken to hunting spiders in the garden. The cat flap is now unlocked. Springwatch has started again. The Chelsea Flower show coverage was unwatchably bad. My hair is too long.

Happy half term.


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2nd Jun, 2010 09:22 (UTC)
The Chelsea Flower show coverage was unwatchably bad
Ditto. We gave up halfway through the second program.
A triumph of style over substance. It looks a very tired format.
2nd Jun, 2010 11:33 (UTC)
since there is in Chelsea I'm interested in -- new plants, new materials, garden designs, competition winners, arrangement, in fact, sod it, just the plants please

But, I don't go for Alan Titmarsh on a sofa, celebrity chat with an endless parade of tedious actors from Cranfield who are PASSIONATE about gardening, and unconvincing gushing over community projects populated with picturesque common folk.

2nd Jun, 2010 13:42 (UTC)
Mad World
People FANCY Alan Tichmarsh...Actually want to do Bad Things with him...
2nd Jun, 2010 22:24 (UTC)
no offense, but
2nd Jun, 2010 16:46 (UTC)
Yay for more comics. :-D
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