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one and a half inches taller

Odd the things you remember and the things you don't. I thought my latest roll from the Holga was stuffed full of pictures of dinosaur bones, but it turned out to be full of more pictures of Lake Louise. It's a pretty enough lake, but honestly, enough is enough.

Missed a good photo-opportunity today; a girl carrying a big standee of Rocky ducked into the Disney shop. She was quite tiny, so all you could see was Sly Stallone's naked torso bobbing about above the Lilo & Stitch slippers, in all its cardboard glory.

On Sunday I was travelling back from my sister's wedding. I got stuck in:
  • Lydney train station, in a concrete busshelter miles from the nearest tea-shop. Brrr!
  • On a track-clearer train, moving down the line at 25 mph looking for obstacles (we had to stop for a tree).
  • In Gloucester train station, for about three hours. At least they had coffee, but something bit me.
  • On another crawler train, this time to Newport.
  • At Newport station, where we finished the Crunchie cake bars.
  • At Didcot Parkway, where we watched the surveillance camera screen, trying to pretend it was modern art.

We finally got back to oxford after 12 hours travelling, though at least we did get back to Oxford. The wedding was ... rather hobbity.

And in the meantime, Will self is an opinionated author, Turkeys were left homeless in Shillington, and Greenpeace want to hoover your floor.

Speaking of which, here comes the man with the hoover. Time to run away.


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30th Oct, 2002 00:55 (UTC)
"The wedding was ... rather hobbity"
What do you mean? Did they all have hairy toes?
30th Oct, 2002 03:25 (UTC)
let's see now ...
One of the two prelude pieces was "The Breaking of the Fellowship", the processional was "Concerning Hobbits" (the music that plays while Frodo and Gandalf are riding into the shire at the beginning) and the dress and look was rather Galadriel.

And my little sister is 4'10", but I have no idea about her feet.

Did I mention that there was a harpist? And we were in a castle?

Definitely hobbity.
30th Oct, 2002 04:07 (UTC)
Re: let's see now ...
I take it they HATE lord of the rings then?

And what's wrong with harps - we had a harp at our wedding, and a male voice choir - but it was in Wales and I'm a lot of a patriot at heart.

Hope you had a great time.
30th Oct, 2002 06:26 (UTC)
Re: let's see now ...
I think I'd fear the male voice choir, but the harpist was lovely! I'd never seen one up close before. Her harp was really beautiful, cream and blue and highly decorated. We were in the Forest of Dean, so nearly in Wales ourselves.

Um, yes, they're fans. But then, my sister and I can't help it, Mum used to read it to us as a bedtime story.
30th Oct, 2002 06:41 (UTC)
Re: let's see now ...
I'm a sucker for harp music - I go all soppy when I hear one and want to just curl up near the harpist and listen - mmmmm.

Where were you in the Forest? Mendi and I lived in Gloucester for 6 years and did quite a bit of exploring - it can be a magical, otherworldly place. It is home for your family?

Your expereinces of Lord of the Rings strike a resounding bell with me. Mendi had the book read to her from when she was 4 (she insisted on listening to her father reading to her elder brothers) and we are working our way through it with our two. There was no way we were going to let them have their imaginations set in stone by the film.

Which character do you think were you were most similar to in you imagination whilst you were growing up; and at the wedding?

30th Oct, 2002 08:20 (UTC)
Re: let's see now ...
Clearwell Castle, and we stayed in the village, but didn't really have any time to explore. It's not home, but Elle (the sister) had good memories of holidays walking there.

.. that's an interesting question, about the characters. Sam Gamgee, I suppose, supportive and practical. That's probably who I would have thought of myself as a child. Not many girls in Lord of the Rings, but I had quite the thing for Eowyn. She was a bit too big a character for me then. I wasn't ever the firy princess type, Elle was the one who liked chiffon and tiaras!

I felt tired, old and besieged at the wedding. Denethor, I suppose, except that with my motley and blue hair, I hardly looked human. Poor old Tom Bombadil, perhaps, who didn't even make it into the film -- because he's not really in the story, just drifts through it to sort a few things out and recite some poetry, and then disappears dancing back into the night.

Still, at least my poem didn't have any "hi there, hey there"s in it.
30th Oct, 2002 08:29 (UTC)
Re: let's see now ...
"Poor old Tom Bombadil" I'm glad they dropped him because I feel his role is far too metaphysical for a Hollywood audience - he is the Creator after all. However, I wish they could have included the Barrow Downs - I so much wanted to see the wights.

I wonder what the Two Towers will bring us?

I probably identified with Pippin - always getting into trouble and causing trouble - Fool of a Took!
30th Oct, 2002 10:21 (UTC)
Re: let's see now ...
Identifying with god! Well, you might as well aim high. I too was sad to see a lack of wight, but they did so many things so well, I feel cruel to carp. And I've not seen the DVD release yet (everyone I know with a DVD player is busy dithering over which special edition to buy) which apparently adds a lot of the missing scenes, so *shrug* ... the Tom Bombadil sequence is rather outside of the rest of the story, and rather strange by any standards. Still, I was sad not to see Goldberry, seated in splendour ... she was always one of my favourites, when I was a child!

I've seen a few trailers now (one at Glastonbury, yet!) and what I've seen of The Two Towers so far gives the impression that the main change is that they've included some of what the elves were doing at the time. Other than that it looked about as you'd expect; Sauraman, wolf riders ... ents! Now that, I'm really looking forward to.

Pippin, eh? I liked how he was in the film. Wide boy of the shire!
31st Oct, 2002 01:03 (UTC)
Re: let's see now ...
Ents - we'll just have be patient and wait and see...Hoom, hoom!
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